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Chaos Men - Griffin Barrows and Jordan Cleary

Chaos Men - Griffin Barrows and Jordan Cleary
Jordan is usually quietly intense, very focused, and certainly not very verbal when he is with another straight guys. He enjoys having anyone worship his cock, but today he really ramped up on the energy and a lot of verbal. After he watches Griffin deep throat his cock, he took the chance to really drill a dudes throat. It think when they work with a gay guy, they give themselves permission to say and do all the things that they know will turn them on, whereas with another straight guy, they are afraid they will offend them.
And there is not some hot offending action happening in this video!
For the ass fucking, it took a bit for Griffin to accommodate Jordans cock , but once he was in, he let Jordan know that he was good go full-speed ahead. Normally Griffin will stay hard for a nice gentle fucking, but today he was more into being dominated and just getting the his ass fucked hard!
Jordans cock still makes him cum, though you can tell he changed his angle and speed to try to hit Griffins prostate just right!
A different angle on Jordan creampie too! Kind of side shot, where you dont see the cum hitting the hole like a splat target, but you know he is unloading. He gets his cock inside him to unload the rest of his seed, and his cock is not just spasming, but jumping up and down as he dumps his load deep inside of Griffin.
lots of great energy in this one, and if you like a little Ginger action, it is extra special listening to a bossy Ginger make a dude take his cock!

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