» » Truckstop Glory - Bam Bam and Fernando Del Rio

Truckstop Glory - Bam Bam and Fernando Del Rio

Truckstop Glory - Bam Bam and Fernando Del Rio
Studio: Nextdoorebony
When Bam Bam stops to pee at a gas station during his road trip, he notices a mysterious hole in the stall wall, next to the urinal. After closer inspection, he realizes theres a dude inside the stall, peeking out through the hole, and running his fingers along the rim. Its Fernando Del Rio and he has a very dirty agenda.
Bam Bam has only read about these glory holes in magazines, but now that hes right up close to one in real life, he figures hell give it a go. He turns from the urinal and pushes his hard cock right through to a waiting Fernando. Fernando doesnt waste time before devouring the throbbing dick. With plenty of mouth juices, he slathers the big, stiff meat pole.
Then curiosity gets the better of Fernando, and he emerges from the stall to meet the man connected to the beautiful dong. Hes very pleasantly surprised when he sees gorgeous Bam Bam. Fernando continues orally pleasuring Bam Bam for a while. The two then move over to the sink area where Bam Bam takes the liberty of shoving his thick cock into Fernandos sweet, tight asshole. Watch these hot boys get it on in a dirty truckstop bathroom, where someone could walk in on them at any moment!

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