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Lick It Up

Lick It Up
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Daniel Rivero, David Pierre, David Thompson, Dean Maxwell, Eduardo, Jacob Scott, Jake Shot, Lex Kyler, Mark Kroner, Peter Logan, Spike, Thomas Bond, Tom Matthews
Genres: Muscle, Oral, Anal, Kissing, Cumshot, Group, Rimming, Tattoo, Hairy, Shaved Head
Video language: English
"Lick it Up" (1998) is just one of the tons of movies Chi Chi LaRue has devoted to solely oral sex over her career. Blowjobs and rimming are the stars here. No doubt the guys want to fuck, but they sweat and groan with just their mouths, so I think everyone is quite sated with just these tasks!
In a dark sex-ready lair, Peter Logan, Jacob Scott and David Thompson are making out. Bald Jacob has the other two work down his fuzzy chest to his dick where dark brunet David takes the sucking lead. His mouth is also ready for Peter's hefty piece, so he goes back and forth skillfully. The camera comes in very close to the action, making it very vibrant. Technically, Peter doesn't need his costars, because he can blow himself so impressively, but it's more fun to play with others. David is rewarded for his slurping work when Jacob and Peter blow him together, and then Jacob and David work together greedily licking Peter's ass (while Peter sucks himself). After the hearty munch, Jacob and David cum on Peter's buttcheeks.
The second scene is a four-way. Lording over the others is thin Spike with his gigantic cock. Peter is back, and he's sucking the famous piece, with cutesy manicured Dean Maxwell and hunky Thomas Bond for assist. There's sucking all around, but when Spike is blown by the other three together, it's absolutely delicious. They share so well, and of course there is so much of him to go around. Peter does his self-sucking bit until he cums. Peter leaves, so Spike moves to delivering blowjobs. Thomas and Spike crouch with their asses together so perky Dean can rim them together. He does this gleefully, even pushing Spike's cock against Thomas' ass to include it too. Dean jacks Spike off, Thomas has a giant shot on Spike's balls and then Dean another aimed at Spike's ass.
Three-way sling activity is in full swing as pale slightly goateed Jacob Shot is having his jockstrapped ass gloriously munched by hulking Tom Matthews, with bearded bearish Daniel Rivero cramming cock into Jacob's face. Tom is having a grand time with his fervent rimming and he has so much oomph that he sneaks up over Jacob's body and helps him suck Daniel as further proof of his oral skills. Tom relaxes face down in the sling so Daniel can blow him underneath and Jacob can shoot his tongue into his ass. In the spirit of fairness, Daniel gets in the middle of the two so Tom can eat his ass and Jacob can get his cock sucked. Daniel sucks the other two until everyone is ready to shoot.
The finale finds smooth ultra-tanned David Pierre swapping dick-sucks with hairy pale Mark Kroner, while giant beefcake Eduardo has shaved-headed Lex Kyler working on him. Lex interrupts Mark to take a moment on David, still going back and forth with Mark, but Eduardo also shows he has a furious mouth. When Eduardo turns Lex around to eat his ass, this leaves Lex free to suck tons of cock, gulping down David and Mark together. These four are in perpetual motion, constantly moving their mouths from dick to dick, and Lex seems the most fond of rimming of the quartet. The endless positions are so clever, making sure all participate to the fullest. It really seems as if they could go on forever, but they do have to blast those shots eventually.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:16:28
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 761kbps
Audio: 312kbps

File size: 605.6 MB
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