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Randolf & Santino - Smooth Love

Randolf & Santino - Smooth Love
Release Year: 2019
Video language: English
Sporting some brown shorts, a dark tank top, and gorgeous blue eyes - today we get to see Weston at play! For his first time, we paired him with an equally fit, though light featured Jasper, who's notched quite of number of hot hookups here at CF.

Weston isn't shy about expressing his attraction to Jasper. He worships his body, slowly kissing all the way down his neck chest and abs. By the time he gets to his dick, Jasper is fully turned on. From the get-go we see that Weston's talented with his mouth. Later we see that he's good with his rod too!

As hot as Weston's dick looked in his solo, it looks even thicker and longer hammering up into Jasper's hungry ass. Weston's grunts grow louder as he gets closer to cumming. When he's ready to unload he brings his dick up to Jasper's mouth to feed him his nut and then taste it off his lips.

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