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Manhattan is Ben Leon's introduction as a new in the gay porn world. Between beautiful shots of New York and delicious hardcore fucking, Manhattan takes you on a tour of the city where hot men dominate and sex is the name of the game. These men know sex like they know the subway system, in and out. Featuring a total of six scenes and eighteen cumshots, this big city adventure shows that men in the Big Apple have a taste for dick.
Manuel Torres starts off Manhattan with a bang, blowing Mario Cruz on a New York rooftop. These two beautiful men get into it fast and heavy. Manuel loves eating ass and Mario provides a sweaty juicy hole - and in return, Manuel puts Mario on his knees to service him and his foreskin. The outdoor cock sucking is amazing, with two huge uncut cocks fighting for attention. With Manuel's fat cock in his mouth, Mario blows his load all over the roof, and Manuel doesn't miss a beat spilling his cum on Mario's muscled chest.
Eager for more, the action goes inside for a second round. Mario and Manuel take their chances in a junk-filled stairway, Manuel topping Mario's perfect, muscled ass. With Mario's hole all warmed up from the rooftop rimming, Manuel takes out his huge cock, suits up and goes in. Manuel's tough and aggressive exterior is matched only by the strength of the fuck he throws. Mario takes the aggressive pounding from Manuel like a champ and can't resist blowing his load with Manuel's cock inside him. The sight of Mario's cum-covered chest causes Manuel to add his own to the pool.
Surrounded by a beautiful rooftop garden and the stunning Manhattan skyline, Vin Nolan and Ford Tuff enjoy an afternoon in the sun. A couple of juices and shooting the shit progresses quickly into a suck and fuck scene that is any man's fantasy. Inhibitions fall to the wayside and these two studs are soon soaking each other with juice. Vin's big, beautiful, thick dick and his sculpted, hairy body whets Ford's appetite - and Ford can't keep his hands (or his mouth) off him. They continue inside to blow their loads, dousing the camera, and to find a better spot for a fuck fest.
Vin bends Ford over a chair for a perfect position to fuck the shit out of him. Ford has an amazing defined hairy chest and his ass is no different, and Vin's massive dick splits his hairy ass wide open. Ford loves every inch and Vin loves giving it to him. They move from the chair to the bed and the fucking never stops. The focus of these two men is pleasure and it translates through to the camera seamlessly. Vin pounds Ford's ass with abandon until he can't hold on anymore, pulls out and covers Ford's hairy chest with cum. Ford shoots and scores big, tasting his cum as the scene finishes.
Manuel is the star of this movie and this solo will show you why. His eyes and face are only an introduction to this incredible man. With the beauty of New York as his backdrop, Manuel strokes himself off on the rooftop of the New York Eagle. When Manuel reaches into his Calvin's to reveal his dick, it pops out big, fat and hard as a rock. Playing with his foreskin, squatting down and playing with his ass, Manuel shows us every inch of his body, which exudes sexuality. Looking over this fuck and suck Mecca, Manuel is right at home shooting his endless load in an arc onto the floor.
Marcos Pirelli is a young Latin god, and gives a whole new meaning to the term Service Elevator. He's confident and sexy - from his lips to the tip of his big fat cock. Justin Christopher is not only damn sexy, he also has a big fucking dick and he knows how to use it. Put these two men together in an elevator and just watch them go down! Justin's cock is so big Marcos has a hard time getting it down his throat, but when there's a will there's a way.
Marcos is desperate to stuff his dick into Justin's ass and Justin can't wait, bending over to take it with pleasure. Marcos is a power-fucker and Justin's hole takes an impressive pounding before his own cock makes him eager to top. His hole craving attention, Marcos offers up his ass and isn't disappointed. Justin's massive dick fills the hungry butthole and the fucking moves to new heights. Justin takes his time shoving every inch into Marcos' quivering ass. With Marcos on his back, Justin pumps the cum right out of him. Seeing his partner shoot pushes Justin over the edge and he erupts on Marcos' abs.
Doing laundry will never be the same! François Sagat comes home after a long day and strips to his briefs. And it only gets better from there. François is at his best here - hairy, buff and quickly naked. As the machine washes his clothes, he works on a load of his own. François is an incredibly sexy man and he shows his stuff all on his own, spitting on his dick, working his foreskin, rubbing his asshole and working himself to a dramatic and beautiful cumshot.
Vin is home alone when his buddies Manuel and Sergio Anthony stop by. These three studs use the large, spacious loft not as a bedroom, but as a sex club - sweating testosterone on every wall. In front of the windows across from a huge construction site, the three men work themselves up into an all-out oral orgy. Sergio serves as the bottom as he takes turns choking on Manuel's and Vin's competing cocks. Whose cock is bigger? Sergio doesn't care - he goes straight for them both! Filmed with an eye that sees both beauty and raw sexuality, they stand over Sergio as he brings them to climax with the skills of his mouth, finishing himself off as Vin and Manuel cum. Sergio Anthony is a hot little Latin fucker. He might look cute and innocent, but underneath it all he is a pig. He wants dick on both ends and Vin and Manuel sure deliver. This scene begins on one side of the room and moves all the way to the other. It is an all-out wall-to-wall sexcapade and these three men are the players. Sergio first takes Manuel's dick up his ass, then Vin's, with the alternating dick in his mouth. Vin powerfucked Ford in scene two, and Manuel banged Mario in scene one - now you'll get to see them both taking turns with a bottomless bottom and Sergio takes it with enthusiasm. Every inch of the room gets used as Vin and Manuel tear up Sergio's eager asshole, first on the couch in multiple positions and then on the bed. As with everything in Manhattan, this movie needed to end big and it does! Three beautiful studs shoot three beautiful loads, leaving Sergio with a cum-covered chest and a large smile.
The DVD includes two special features. First up is a twenty-minute in-depth interview with New York Giant Manuel Torres, who tells stories of his dirty thuggish past and his porn star present. The other special feature is a five-minute clip of extra fucking (the director thought it was too much). It is included edited but with real sound, followed by a short message from videographer, documentarian and all around rock star Mr. Pam.

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