» » Randy Blue Atticus Fox Unloads His Cum Inside of Brendan Phillips

Randy Blue Atticus Fox Unloads His Cum Inside of Brendan Phillips

Randy Blue Atticus Fox Unloads His Cum Inside of Brendan Phillips
Release Year: 2019
Video language: English
What do two hot studs do on a quiet afternoon to occupy themselves? Paulo thinks he has just the solution, a party game a friend left behind called What the Fuck (can you see where this is headed?). Paulo has a little trouble opening the box, so Alex has to lend his muscled arms for an assist. Basically, the game is full of some off the wall questions, for over charged straight guys after a few rounds of juice pong. Needless to say, the question book gets tossed to the side when Paulo decides it's time to get his lips on his hot stud buddy. He goes straight in for it, and Alex is only too happy to oblige. Paulo has very talented lips. He slowly works them down Alex's body toward his crotch where he teases Alex's cock out of his sweats with his tongue. Paulo maneuvers his throat in position so he can take all of Alex's thick cock. Then Alex lays back on the sofa and kicks his legs up so Paulo can dive his tongue into Alex' crack. Then Alex flips Paulo onto his back, eats his ball sack and then dives down on his cock. Then Paulo offers up his own butt crack for Alex to munch down on. In moments, Paulo's toes are curling from a thorough tongue fucking. Now that Paulo's hole is nice and wet, Alex decides it's time to give him the full length of his rock hard rod. He lubes up his cock, and cradles it in Paulo's butt crack. Then the head of his raw cock catches on Paulo's flexing hole, and slowly pokes in. Alex eases it in an inch at a time, until Paulo moans with satisfaction; letting him know he's ready for some deep pumping action. In moments, Paulo is on all fours and taking Alex' pounding thrusts. Then he jumps up and straddles Alex to slide down the length of his shaft and a balls-deep fucking. Paulo's prostate gets a major work over as both studs start to edge closer. Alex flips him back on his stomach and goes in for the finish as he pounds his boy hard and deep, jamming his head into the pillow as he edges himself, holding back just at the edge, leaking precum, then going at it again. He pulls out and has Paulo spread his cheeks wide so he can glaze his hole. Cum streams from his cock and lands all over Paulo's butt crack, puddling in his pulsating hole. Then Alex takes his cock and rubs his load around before he jams it back in to let loose with the last few drops.

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