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Primo - Never Too Big

Primo - Never Too Big
It's true ... the bigger the men - the harder they come!
In Never Too Big, relationship counselor Ryder Scott drifts off into sexual fantasies triggered by listening to real-life stories of his clients! First, Chad Conners recounts his obsession with a picture he saw of porn Jeff Hammond, so Ryder then pictures Jeff topping Chad in the couple's living room. The day progresses, then Ryder imagines what it would be like to watch his client Eduardo having sex with Eduardo's fantasy man, Brazilian Mario Montero. Mario tops Eduardo in a chair on a patio next to a beautiful backyard pool. Next, Ryder inserts himself as part of the action sandwiched between couple Teddy Williams and Chris Brooks in a 3-way toy-filled session including a dildo and a string-o-balls used on Chris. Then, Ryder imagines his ex-boyfriend J.T. Sloan topping Scott Hardesty in bed. Finally, Ryder ends his day in reality by topping his lover Chaz Carlton in bed.

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