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19 Memories - Toyosaki (Go Guy Plus)

19 Memories - Toyosaki (Go Guy Plus)
Release Year: 2019
Video language: English
Even for a pro like Ricky, taking all of Boomer's cock meant he'd have to sit down and ride him for a bit to get comfortable. So he took it easy at first, rocking back and forth on Boomer's lap in a deck chair near the pool, but it wasn't long before he was in a state of true rapture. Both being very verbal sexual partners, Boomer and Ricky whispered -- and sometimes moaned -- exactly what they were feeling throughout their long and hot fuck. Almost in disbelief, Ricky couldn't stop commenting on how big Boomer's cock was as Boomer pummeled him from behind after they dried off indoors. And Boomer knew exactly how to treat Ricky right. For the grand finale, the guys headed upstairs to the roof deck where Boomer spoon fucked Ricky as the sun set in the distance. A romantic, passionate, and just damn sexy hot fuck, you may have the curious feeling of overwhelming gratitude for these performers, for yourself, and for being able to connect with them on an even deeper level. In other words, it's "Just Love"!
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