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BeefCake Hunter - Edging Straight Construction Worker Bori

BeefCake Hunter - Edging Straight Construction Worker Bori
Edging big balls Bori video was a very improvised one, and I am going to explain to you why.

It was lunch time, I had just finished a long shooting, so I was pretty worn out. I was hungry and I needed a nice cold juice to chill. In other words, the last thing I had in my mind was having more sex or making another video. I walked to the nearest pub of the hotel where I was staying, and for some reason even though it was a very hot day, I preferred to sit at the terrace, not inside, I actually was in the most outside table ..lol, like I knew what was coming.

Before I continue with what happened next let me tell you a bit about Beefcake Bori, this young sexy Latino lives in another city, he works as a construction worker, and he just had a big argument with his girlfriend. It seems that she asked him to leave the house, so he took a few clothes and whatever money he had, took the bus to the nearest city where he probably will be homeless for a couple of days. So, the nearest city where he was heading happens to be where I was that day, not only that, the bus station was a few blocks away from the Pub where I was refreshing myself.

When Beefcake Bori arrived, he started asking for a dollar to the people he encountered, and he started to walk around and passed by where I was. When I saw him walking towards the pub he got my attention and I don’t know if he noticed it or not but he approached me and ask me for one dollar… bingo! It was the perfect moment, I told him: “you can get more from me than one dollar, please just wait until I finish my lunch and we can talk”. He couldn’t wait and took a chair and sat next to me and said: “please tell me now, I am very interested in hearing what you have to say”. At that moment the waiter came to take my order and of course I ordered food for the two of us, Beefcake Bori was hungry…

To make a long story short, you already know what I proposed to him, and he was like oh yeah, I have the tool for it! Let’s do this! I am pretty sure what I offered him for the video gig is a lot more than what he was expecting to collect begging on the streets.

Once at the hotel he took a very long shower and asked me for some perfume. Then he showed me what his cock looks like, and I just couldn’t believe how delicious it is, it was destiny that on that day brought Bori to become another Beefcake at BeefCakeHunter Land!
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