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DirtyTony - Aarin Asker Gets Dirty

DirtyTony - Aarin Asker Gets Dirty
I automatically like a guy whose name is Asker. It satisfies the "Sir" in me. "Ask and you shall receive," I always say. So, when this hot stud came to audition, I was already primed to like him. Then he confides that he's a dancer, who loves to preform. Not to stereotype, but I'm getting that he might be pretty flexible. Of course, him being a hottie with a fair bit of scruff helped too. Now that the small talk was out of the way, I jumped out from behind the camera and got a good lip lock on him. He was not at all passive, he jumped right to his knees and in moments, we both had our shirts off, rubbing chests. He worked his mouth down to my nips, and gave them some good attention before working his way down to my crotch. I could feel his warm breath through my denim. Then his teeth pressing against my growing cock. You really have to admire a guy who can open your pants with just his mouth. Then he wrapped his warm throat around my cock, and I think my eyes rolled back. Most guys have a hard time making it past three quarters of the length of my shaft, but his lips definitely got tickled by my fur. He kicked off his pants, and man, that ass of his was made for fucking. Once he got done servicing me, he moved up and straddled me. I spit on my hand and started finger fucking him. Before I knew it, he grabbed my raw cock and slid down on it till I was balls deep in him. His perfect V shaped body felt so nice riding up and down on my cock. I ground his ass deep, each time he pressed himself down on it. He didn't want to miss an inch. I flipped him over on his back and, with a bit more spit, slid right in and started plowing that hot hole of his. He loved it. I grabbed his shoulders and pounded some good stokes in that smooth hole of his. Before long, he had me edging, but I wasn't going to make this a quickie. I held back and just let a bit of precum leak to make his hole nice and wet. Then I unleashed a nice hard pounding on him, and he eagerly took every bit of it. Then I got him on all fours and mounted his ass to deliver a good, deep grinding. Boy did I curl his toes. Then I pinned him down and nailed him like a jack hammer. His ass was nice and wet by now. I flipped him back over and got him ready for the main event. I grabbed his shoulders and thrust into him hard and fast, until I got myself right up to the edge. The I pulled his legs up and pinned him down hard before laying him open spread eagle. He thought I was going to nut, but instead, I turned him on his stomach and straddled his leg. Then, I was ready, on the last possible stroke, I pulled out and creamed all over his hot butt crack. Then I swirled some around with the head of my cock before stuffing it back in there. Like a good boy, he happily jumped up to clean my cock off with his mouth.

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