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Bad Puppy - Erik Drda & Laco Meido

Bad Puppy - Erik Drda & Laco Meido
Erik Drda was awakened early one morning with Laco Meido gently rubbing his rock-hard stomach and chest. Working his way down Erik's chest Laco rubs the outside of Erik's underwear before reaching his hands inside and then slowly pulling the underwear back. Erik's manhood popped out from beneath the underwear and Laco began gingerly kissing, licking and sucking Erik's stiff cock. Laco gives Erik's cock one of the best blowjobs in two different positions before pushing Erik back on the bed with his legs pulled back. Laco goes in for some of Erik's sweet ass which he eagerly sticks his tongue into and works feverishly as Erik is definitely lying there moaning. Laco pulls off his own underwear, climbs on top of Erik and grabbing his stiff cock Laco sits down on it and begins riding Erik's cock as Erik thrusts from the bottom. After a good 5 minute ass pounding Laco lies back on the bed and Erik starts fucking his ass again. Laco grabs his cock in hand and begins stroking it as Erik pounds away. As Erik fucks Laco just the right way, Laco squirts his load of jizz all over his stomach which completely sent Erik over the edge. Pulling out just before he came, Erik blows his cum all over Laco's balls and cock. With a few affectionate kisses our two hot studs head for the showers to get cleaned up and hopefully we'll see these rock-hard cocks again soon.

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