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Marine Ass - Kurt Wild

Marine Ass - Kurt Wild
Studio: Out In Public
So Joey is out on South Beach looking to link up with an old friend named Kurt. They finally meet up and get right down to business searching for some beach ass. They find a handsome fellow buying some jewelry for his girlfriend. Tony is his name and hes a cutie for sure. After Joey and Kurt explain their rea for approaching him he seems intrigued and when money is in the mix who can say no right?! They sneak ti to the public bathroom for a little fun. These boys are daring to say the least. Amazingly they get right in to it and all of this for just 60 bucks! After Tony and Kurt get a little hot and bothered they decide to take it to the beach for some sexual healing by the waves of the sea. Needless to say they got along like old lovers. It all ends with a mixture of Tony and Kurts cum all over one of their bellies. Ahh a day in the life of South Beachers.

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