SC-2427 []
SC-2427 [] Description: Kieran and Asher want to explore their fantasies and we’re here to make them reality. Inside the house, Kieran was bragging about the size of his dick to
SC-2428, SC-2429 []
SC-2428, SC-2429 [] Description: If you couldn’t get enough of Angelo and Jax in their steamy Sean Cody solos, then you’re in for a real treat! We’re pairing two new guys together,
SC-1897 []
SC-1897 [] Description: BRODY BANGS RUSTY’S PERFECT HOLE Me likes Brody with a beard and Brody with bangs. These small changes tone down some of the largeness and severity of his
SC-2430 []
SC-2430 [] Description: Galen really stands out in a crowd. He is tall, handsome and has a nicely toned body. He swims, plays basketball and works out 7 days a week, and it shows –
SC-2431 []
SC-2431 [] Description: "You don’t quit, do you?" marveled Archie as Lane was showering him with his expert cock sucking skills. After that, Archie took control of Lane’s tight ass
SC-2259 []
SC-2259 [] Description: What can two guys do on a rainy day? Dean said it best, “We’re just gonna hang out here and fuck.” Simply put, and Lane was definitely ok with that! Date:
SC-2337 []
SC-2337 [] Description: Hot Latino Hector is back to give a passionate pounding, and Manny’s ass was there for the taking! It doesn’t hurt that Hector has a sexy accent either; it
SC-2433 []
SC-2433 [] Description: Murray is very confident about his topping skills – this stud knows how to give a hard pounding, but he is also very open to have the tables turned
SC-1963 []
SC-1963 [] Description: SEAN CODY’S TOP “DROUGHT” ENDS AS RANDY RETURNS TO FILL LANE’S HOLE Though it’s only been two months, I feel like Sean Cody’s Randy (above right) has been
SC-2425 []
SC-2425 [] Description: “As if Brysen couldn’t get any hotter, he returns to Sean Cody with a fresh cut and whole lot of cum for Landon! The pair play a bit of baseball, a little
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